brandmood GmbH

As an event agency with more than 20 years of experience, we offer a memorable service for you and for your customers, raising the bar to the highest level: We offer consulting, design, planning, implementation, production, follow-up support and success review from a single source.

We want our rooms to be full of energy and filled with high emotions, we won't be satisfied with less. We believe that people should be inspired with your vision of harmonious and atmospheric brand presentation. We will gladly go the extra mile for you.

brandmood will make your event unforgettable. Once the applause dies down and the people have left, your brand will still be firmly anchored in people's minds for a long time to come – that feeling of a truly memorable event. This is the great power of live communication.

brandmood represents the art of charging brands with emotion and, by doing so, inspiring people to greatness.



Event and project management

We are a partner that is always by your side, whether it be before, during or after your event. We handle the entire process. Sit back and relax.

Creation and design

Our creative ideas with custom concepts raise us above the masses. We develop a strong, common theme for your event, from the exciting beginning to the thrilling climactic applause.

Brand staging

Charging brands with emotions and inspiring people is our vision. brandmood implements a perfect solution for your event and creates a stage for your brand.

Strategy and campaign development

A coherent and impressive staging demands a clear event and marketing strategy that we develop together with you and implement step by step.

Event architecture, temporary buildings and equipment

We deliver perfect results, even if that means we have to hammer down the nails on your stage ourselves! We won't settle for less than the best, from the event layout, to temporary buildings like tents, stages, special constructions, etc. to furnishings, decorations, and even to the smallest details.

Digital registration and communication solutions

Real-time counts today. Networked technologies are used for event communication and accreditation as well, and always stay up-to-date.

Artists and keynote speakers

Surprise your guests with a perfect show interlude. We have a comprehensive network of artists and speakers. We guarantee optimal support from booking to technical support for rehearsals and performances.

Event technology

Human emotions are best accessed on a sensory level. We have perfected this art. We provide state of the art equipment, advising you in all areas of lighting, sound and video technology to give you a personalised service that is perfect for your event.

Live images, broadcasting and streaming

We provide the best image quality as standard: both streamed and/or on site. We produce perfect images for your audience with our extensive know-how and our own direction and camera technology.

Digital media and content production

We create content such as videos, animations, graphics for different platforms and channels. State-of-the-art technologies and creative approaches are used to create engaging and relevant content that appeals to the target audience and strengthens the brand presence. Working with an experienced team, individual requirements can be met and bespoke solutions developed to take digital presence to the next level.

3D visualisation and CAD planning

We present our concept with realistic renderings and detailed plans to let you see beforehand what your event will look like. We leave nothing to chance!

Congress and seminar technology

Rely on our professional planning and implementation of congresses, seminars and conferences. In addition to light, sound and video technology, we also offer the latest interpreting technology, voting systems and other interactive tools.


We create moments to inspire your customers.
Leave a lasting impression and long-term memories.