brandmood GmbH

in the sand - not an option!

The epidemic has most likely put each of us, society in general, and the economy in particular, to the test. Also for all event agencies in March 2020 it meant full brakes!

Fortunately, the technical team at brandmood had already been working intensively with video and streaming technologies before the pandemic. Through live broadcasts in the music and sports sectors, but also in various business segments, we as a full-service event agency were able to quickly prove our technical expertise and consulting competence in communication issues during the pandemic. In addition, our existing broadcast equipment was immediately adapted for the online world.

Instead of burying our heads in the sand, we were inspired to localise demands and collaborate with our clients to build digital event forms. At the start of the pandemic, this became our guiding concept. This is how the European Forum Alpbach evolved from a physical event to a fully digitalised online event, and then to a hybrid event format - all under the supervision of brandmood as an event agency. Hybrid events are here to stay, and as a result, a new and strongly occupied business sector has emerged at brandmood. 

The general trend towards more ecological sustainability has made the integration of hybrid event formats into live communication a MUST for internationally operating companies as well as SMEs. The times when event participants had to travel halfway around the globe just to attend a meeting, a conference or similar event formats are probably over.

Through continuous investment in equipment, training and creative ideas, we have steadily developed our concepts, implementation and interaction ideas and have quickly made a name for ourselves in the design of hybrid stage set-ups. 

Brandmood produces with TV-certified products, up to 4k and, if necessary, in 10 languages at the same time.

The demands and quality requirements are increasing - both internally and on the customer side. This is our motivation as a full-service event agency with broadcast competence to raise live communication to a new level.