brandmood GmbH

customer to partner

In 2009 we were allowed to implement our first project for voestalpine. A great challenge in a time dominated by the economic and financial crisis. Our commitment as an event agency paid off, and we continue to support voestalpine at group level and in individual divisions to this day. In doing so, we never feel like a supplier, but rather as a partner who is allowed to cooperate and support on an equal footing. 

The list of long-standing partners at customer level is long. Schwarzkopf, Red Zac, Baumit, Snipes, Red Bull and many more have been with us for over 10 years. 

Efficiency, tailor-made solutions and continuous improvements are just a few of the many advantages of a long-term partnership around event support for a company.

How we live partnership plays a central role in our corporate identity.

Continuous collaboration and the trust it builds create a solid foundation for effective event planning and execution. The more intensive and longer a cooperation exists, the more profound it is allowed to develop. Intensive involvement with the brand identity of our clients and a growing sense for their target groups enable us to stage and emotionalise the respective event format to the point. 

Moments lived together create memories and build bridges to new emotions.

A partnership over many years helps to get to know the client's goals and values more deeply. We are there live during the growth and experience all milestones first-hand. This leads to a consistent presentation of the brand and a stronger alignment of the events with the specific goals of the company.

Increased efficiency through experience: As we gain experience in working together, we develop a deeper understanding of our clients' requirements and preferences. We know the recurring elements and can thus develop tailor-made ideas. In addition, this saves time in planning as well as in organisation and enables smooth implementation.

Cost optimisation: Long-term partnerships with our clients lead to optimisation of capital employed. By understanding the budgetary constraints, brand identity and internal structures of the business, we can deploy resources effectively and identify the best options within the given framework. 

Organisational optimisation: In addition to optimising costs, we can greatly reduce organisational efforts in the responsible departments of the client and help to make them more efficient in the long term. 

Reliability and accountability: Working together over many years builds a high level of reliability and accountability. Both sides know the expectations and can rely on each other. As an event agency, we do not only take responsibility for the successful planning and implementation of events, but also use all available resources to INSPIRE PEOPLE alongside our clients.