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ZAC Autumn Event

A magical night on the MS Regina Danubia - the RED ZAC Autumn Event!

As part of the annual RED ZAC specialist dealer conference, dealers and partners were invited to an unforgettable evening event on the beautiful ship MS Regina Danubia in Linz. This exclusive invitation was enthusiastically accepted by 300 guests, and they experienced a night they will not soon forget.

The evening began with a welcome drink on the open deck of the ship, accompanied by canapés. The atmosphere was underlined with live music by Hans Peter Gratz & Band while the guests enjoyed the Danube evening.

Dino Dorado, a close-up magician who charmed guests with his amazing tricks and illusions, provided a magical touch to the event. He later transformed himself into a fascinating mentalist for the ultimate entertainment, enchanting those there with his impressive skills. 

The culinary highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the Mediterranean buffet, which tantalised the taste buds of the guests and offered a delicious selection of dishes. The gastronomic experience was enhanced by the wine bar provided by Alois Reiter.

At the "Zac of the Year" award ceremony, outstanding achievements and the commitment of RED ZAC dealers were honoured.

And those who had not yet had enough after all these delights could order delicious drinks at the long drink bar and let the night fade away to the fullest.

The RED ZAC Autumn Event on the MS Regina Danubia was not only a celebration, but an experience that strengthened the RED ZAC community and highlighted the partnership bond. We were allowed to host this evening as a full-service agency. The event combined magic, music, culinary and awards to create a perfect night on the Danube.

Key Facts
MS Regina Danubia, Linz
Full Service