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"Everything is connected" - A motto that aptly describes Greiner's annual internal sustainability conference. Every year in spring, Greiner hosts this important conference to raise awareness of the profound interconnectedness of our world. And once again we had the honour of contributing technically and in terms of design to the conference, which this year took place on 27 April at the Greiner headquarters in Kremsmünster.

The message of the conference, that everything is connected, was intended to be thought-provoking. We are proud not only to have provided technical support, but also to have created the stage design. As partners responsible for the technical implementation of the entire conference, we helped to ensure that the message was conveyed in all its meaning and depth. 

The conference was a digital event where speakers from different countries were brought together to strengthen the commitment to sustainability. The technical implementation of this interaction was in the hands of brandmood direction. From lighting to sound to stage design - we carefully planned and implemented every detail.

By coordinating in advance, we were able to ensure that the conference ran smoothly and that every presentation, lecture and discussion was broadcast in the highest quality. Our technical expertise made it possible to seamlessly combine the different elements of the conference and provide the participants with an impressive and inspiring experience.

The Greiner Sustainability Conference was not only an opportunity to share knowledge, but also a testament to Greiner's commitment to sustainability. We at brandmood are proud to support this important event contributing to the message "Everything is connected" and ensuring that it was impressively conveyed.

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